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Prayer Resources

Prayer includes retreats, reflections, meditation, prayers, poems, etc.

Education / Study Resources

Education/study includes educational materials, workshops, videos, conferences, books, etc.

Action Resources

Action is ways to get involved in public policy, sustainable living practices like lowering carbon footprints and eliminating toxics from homes, recycling, etc.

Climate change statements from the world’s religions

Interfaith Climate Change Statement to World Leaders

Statement by Religious and Spiritual Leaders on the Occasion of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement

April 18, 2016

A Western Soto Zen Buddhist Statement on the Climate Crisis

April 2016

Manifesto on an Ecological Reformation of all Christian Traditions

Volos Academy Consultation on Eco-Theology, Climate Justice and Food Security

March 10-13, 2016

For more climate change statements from the world’s religions, visit:

Catholic Climate Covenant Ambassadors

Voices for Earth Justice's Executive Director Patricia Gillis is a Catholic Climate Ambassador. From the Catholic Climate Covenant's website:

Patricia is the executive director of Voices for Earth Justice, and teaches Sociology at Schoolcraft Community College. She is especially passionate about how climate change relates to the Catholic Social Teaching. Patricia is able to share a wealth of ecumenical experience with Catholic audiences.

You can fill out our contact form to contact Patricia and schedule a talk.

Websites for Religion and Ecology

  • ARC and FORE have listings of many faiths. NRPE is one of the most inclusive national coalitions.
  • The Alliance of Religions and Conservation, ARC, website has a variety of statements on Ecology by 11 different world religions. This is an international alliance.
  • Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, COEJL
  • Forum on Religion and Ecology, FORE: a Yale based study center. FORE has a very wide coverage of religious groups. It also covers some scientific groups and other non-religious groups.
  • National Religious Partnership for the Environment
  • Web of Creation - has listing of US faith-based groups committed to environmental issues, as well as many resources.