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Hope House

Located at 15894 Greydale St., Detroit, MI 48223

Building partnerships in Brightmoor and improving Hope House property

Hope House
Hope House Education Center - Summer 2016


Hope House winter
Hope House building slated to become Agroecology Center

In 2011, Voices for Earth Justice purchased 5 lots with two buildings at the corner of Greydale and Puritan in northwest Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood. The houses had been empty for five years, and were badly damaged. One section had to be deconstructed--see the video of the process here. With the help of neighbors, local partners and many volunteers, we completed the rehab of one building as a caretaker cottage, and we are close to completion of the second building as a community center. Gardens were restored and three new flower gardens have been built.

Veggie Garden

Rain Garden at Hope House!

A grant from Freshwater Future assisted with creating a rain garden in front of Hope House in the summer of 2014. What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a garden which takes advantage of rainfall and stormwater runoff in its design and plant selection. Usually, it is a small garden which is designed to withstand the extremes of moisture and concentrations of nutrients, particularly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, that are found in stormwater runoff. Rain gardens are sited ideally close to the source of the runoff, and slow the stormwater as it travels downhill, giving the stormwater more time to soak in, and less opportunity to gain momentum and erode the soil, or go in the sewers. Rain gardens are beautiful, and they provide habitat for many birds and butterflies.


Join us for Summer Potlucks, community meetings, and other activities. All are welcome!

Hope House backyard space. Firepit, BBQ, picnic, and compost area.
Sister Janet
Sr. Janet Stankowski, Development Director, led a group of gardeners in picking up leaves in fall 2013.

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